Building Consultancy & Management

An integrated, strategic approach, focusing on the competitiveness and performance of properties through Asset Management, Property Management, B. Exclusive, Project Management and Technical Due Diligence.

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B. Exclusive is a global management service, specially designed for Premium residential clients. This service intends to boost the potential income of a property by providing the same kind of offer as a luxury hotel.

The Premium service is split into two areas: Shared Services and Private Services. The Shared Services concern the management of the condominium and the Concierge services, in a similar concept to a luxury hotel. The Private Services involve direct contact with the proprietors of each individual property, as part of the daily management.

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Drawing on its profound knowledge of the real estate industry, B. Prime values all sorts of properties in Portugal, such as offices, retail, industrial, urban and rural properties and residential developments for commercial or accounting purposes. This service allows occupiers, investors, investment funds, developers and banks to have accurate information about their properties when they buy, sell, merge, finance real estate transactions, or carry out sale and leaseback operations, among others.

The valuation reports are written in compliance with the requirements defined by CMVM code no. 2/2015, the IVCS (International Valuation Standards Council) and the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). This team also provides economic analyses, feasibility studies and market reports.

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The Architecture and Project Management department is responsible for layout analysis, the architecture project, and project management for a better occupation ratio. Whether you want to refit or completely refurbish, our Architecture team will create a space that meets any business requirements, enabling more successful marketing of the property.

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B. Prime’s investment team advises on strategic aspects of the sale and purchase of real estate assets or portfolios, bringing together the common interests of national or international players in a given project, whether they be developers, companies, funds or individuals. We support our clients from the early stage of due diligence until the completion of the transaction, seeking to identify potential national or international business partners.

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The agency department seeks to find the best solutions and deals for its clients, whether the challenge is to search for new offices, retail units or warehouse, contract renegotiations, sale & leaseback or simply the leasing of space, representing landlords, tenants, investors and companies.

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